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Easy sourcing - just a few clicks and the available Technical Service Personnel for your property maintenance needs is identified!

What is Maintercept® ?

Maintercept Mobile App is a solution that provides a secure platform for property owners to source the warrantied services of skilled Technical Service Personnel (TSP) to resolve property maintenance issues.

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Maintercept Mobile App processes job requests, manages the dispatch, monitors performance and facilitates payments. Clients effectively use the App at no cost since the App Service Fee paid upon job request acceptance by the TSP is discounted from approved quotations. Furthermore, Clients pay TSPs directly upon job completion, thus there is no middleperson.


TSPs undergo a vetting process before approval and activation on the Maintercept App. Aspects such as criminal records, qualifications, experience, and work permits are verified, thus assuring Clients of safety and excellent workmanship. Maintercept is a positive stimulus to the property sector and leads to reduction of unemployment on a global scale.

Why Maintercept®?

Maintercept Mobile App is a revolutionary business model that takes pride in empowering INDIVIDUALS with skills development and income opportunities conveniently situated in their location. Approved TSPs are responsible for all services rendered, thus ensuring high quality work coupled with workmanship warranty. The proximity of TSPs to Clients reduces travel costs and creates the opportunity for professional relationships to thrive. TSPs are self-employed individuals with low overheads and highly competitive on pricing.


The App is available anytime to find available skilled personnel working remotely.


Reference checks guarantee that the job is done by skilled personnel.


In-App reviews and evaluation of skilled personnel.

Easy Sourcing

…just few clicks and the available Technical Service Personnel (TSP) for your property maintenance needs is identified!


The App Service Fee ($15.99) is discounted on final invoices, thus Clients technically use the App for free.

Record of Transactions

All jobs and transactions are recorded and available on user profiles.

One Stop App

Access to multi-disciplinary Technical Service Personnel.

Job Creation

Income opportunities for artisans, technicians and engineers, biased towards locality.

How to use Maintercept®?

Free download of the App.
Register once to use the App (Client by default).
Once registered, apply in-App to become a Technical Service Personnel (TSP).
Client searches for a TSP and sends a job notification/request.
Client pays non-refundable App Service Fee ($15.99) upon TSP’s job acceptance.
TSP travels to Client’s location, and Client views TSP details and ETA.
TSP quotes the job, and loads the total cost amount for Client’s approval.
TSP executes the job and indicates on the App when the work is completed.
Client receives on-line invoice from Maintercept (discounted by $15.99).
Client evaluates the work & rates performance.

Tender Briefing Messenger

Companies in South Africa and the rest of the world often advertise tenders and hold compulsory tender briefings that require attendance by interested companies, as a pre-qualification requirement. In some instances, bidding companies are unable to attend these meetings. Maintercept Mobile App assists in these instances by offering a Tender Briefing Messenger (TBM) functionality that allows bidders to request registered Technical Service Personnel (TSP) to attend the tender briefing sessions on their behalf.

Contract Solutions

Maintercept (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Kurumeng CC, offers maintenance contracting solutions to large Clients such as residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. As the delivery partner, Kurumeng CC leverages off its vast on-field technical experience and deploys Maintercept Mobile App to support various maintenance services contracts. Clients are guaranteed accelerated delivery of quality work coupled with workmanship warranty.

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