Frequently Asked Questions

All qualifying unemployed individuals have immediate access to a source of income simply by registering to be one of our Technical Service Personnel.
Yes. If you meet our qualifying criteria, Maintercept Mobile App is flexible and offers excellent income opportunities.
Applications can take up to three working days to be processed, subject to all supporting documents being submitted.
The non-refundable App Service Fee is $15.99 and paid by the Client through the App, upon job acceptance by TSP.
TSPs receive payment (less $15.99 and bank charges) within 7 working days after Client’s payment.
Maintercept Mobile App provides individuals with an empowering opportunity to maximize their income independently, therefore all successful applicants must register individually to receive their unique login credentials.

Yes, large Clients may request TSPs through the App, although we recommend a Contracting Solution through our implementing partner, Kurumeng CC.

TSPs provide services on the App as Independent Contractors, thus must comply to Tax and similar obligations on their own.
Maintercept Mobile App discourages excessive pricing by prioritizing the allocation of jobs to TSPs that are generally cheaper.

Maintercept will consider various options including the following, amongst others:

  • Instructing the same TSP to attend to the job request.
  • Suspending the TSP from providing services on the App.
  • Dispatching alternative TSPs to attend to the job.