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Frequently Asked Questions

All qualifying unemployed individuals have immediate access to a source of income simply by registering to be one of our Technical Service Personnel.

Yes. If you meet our qualifying criteria Maintercept Mobile App is flexible and offers an excellent opportunity for additional income.

Applications can take up to three working days to be processed, subject to all supporting documents being submitted.

The non-refundable App Service Fee of R249.99 (ZAR) is paid by the Client through the App, (i.e., the Google Play or App Store) on each successful request for a Technical Service Personnel.

Technical Service Personnel receive payment directly from the Client upon job completion. The compulsory R249.99 (ZAR) App Service Fee will already have been discounted upon approved quotation.

The Maintercept Mobile App provides individuals with an empowering opportunity to maximise their income independently, therefore all successful applicants must register individually to receive their unique login credentials.

Yes. All clients can request a specific Technical Service Personnel through the App, although we recommend a Contracting Solution to Clients with large portfolios such as real estate, hotel groups, mining houses and so on.

Clients pay Technical Service Providers directly, therefore each TSP is responsible for the tax compliance of their service.

The Maintercept Mobile App has built-in mechanisms that discourage excessive pricing by TSPs. One of these mechanisms is that the App prioritises the allocation of job requests to TSPs that are well-priced or generally cheaper within a category of services.

Maintercept considers various options in these scenarios, such as:
  • Deactivating the TSP on the App for a pre-determined time
  • Refunding the App Service Fee to the Client
  • Dispatching an alternative TSP to complete the job
Further to this, the App has a built-in mechanism that prioritises job allocation to TSPs with low cancellation rates and other positive factors, this discourages TSPs from cancelling approved job requests.